Wastewater Collection and Treatment

The Village of Kingston owns and operates the Kingston sewer system which includes wastewater collection, treatment and storm water management. Its mission is to protect the health and safety of the public and provide reliable and efficient wastewater collection, wastewater treatment, effluent reuse and recharge, wastewater discharge monitoring of industrial and commercial businesses, all in a cost effective manner.

The wastewater fund is financed and operated in a manner similar to private business enterprises. Costs of providing the services to the public are financed through user charges.

The staff undertakes scheduled programs such as daily testing at the treatment plant, sewer main replacement, plant maintenance and programmed flushing of both sanitary sewer and storm sewer lines. They are also called upon to perform emergency repairs to the distribution and collection system when it may be required.

Sewer Permits Sewer permits may be picked up at the Village Office. Permits cost $380.00 and are required to connect to the Kingston Sewer System.

Danny Lundrigan
Public Works Supervisor