Frequently Asked Questions

Effective April 1st, 2010, the Village of Kingston has been billing and collecting their own taxes.

Previously the County of Kings had collected taxes on behalf of the Village. The Village now issues its own tax bills separate from the County.

Previously, the Village delegated the responsibility of tax collection of Village rates to the County. In turn, the County charged Kingston a commission of taxes collected. This amounted to approximately $35,600 per year. Technological advancements have made it possible for the Village to issue its own bills and collect payments without too much difficulty. After setup, printing and additional banking charges the village will realize significant savings in this year and years to come.
If you reside in the Village of Kingston, you will receive two tax bills instead of one. Kingston tax bills are payable to the Village, and County bills to the County.
The Village will provide many payment options. Your bill can be paid in person at the Village Office or mailed in. Cash, cheques and debit will be accepted at the Village Office. You can also pay through online banking, telephone banking or at your local bank. Also, the Village has the option of withdrawing monthly amounts from your bank account through our pre-authorized payment plan. The Village does not accept credit cards.
No, the amount you pay should essentially be the same. This is only a change in the tax authority and collection process. The billing dates and interest rates charged will mirror the amounts charged by the County.
At this time, no. The Village is working with the County on accepting each other's payments, but nothing is in place at this time.
The Village will be working closely with the County to educate professionals involved in real estate sales. Real estate agents and legal professionals will have to contact both County and Village offices to receive tax certificates.