Village Approves 2011/12 Operating and Capital Budgets

On Thursday May 12, the Village Commission approved the village's 2011/12 Operating Budget in the amount of $1,181,100 and 2011/12 Capital Budget in the amount of $332,000. These approvals will reduce the Residential Tax Rate by 9/10th of one cent (from 31 cents per $100 of assessed value to 30.1 cents) or 2.9%. The Commercial Tax Rate remains the same at 40 cents per $100 of assessed value.

Operating Budget
The total operating budget totals $1,181,100 for general operations and sewer. The budget provides funding to maintain existing services and programs, along with several new initiatives the Commission will deliberate on, including:

• a commitment to reduce the residential tax rate by 9/10ths of one cent or 2.9%. This will offset the tax increase caused by assessment adjustments of 2.9% that most homeowners incurred. The impact of this adjustment will ensure that if the Commission achieves a zero-rate increase, this will result in a zero-tax bill increase to residents.
• increases in grant revenue received from partners to operate the library and visitor information centre
• request to allocate funds for a new seasonal public works position
• funding for decorative elements, such as banners and winter decorations
• bike racks at village parks and downtown to promote physical activity
Sewer Rate
The approved sewer rate increases $6.12 (from $279.10 to $285.22) for a single dwelling, and increase 2.2% for other rate (commercial charges or vacant lot fees.) The rate is mainly under pressure due to significant increases in utility costs, environmental compliance and capital investment requirements and needs to be increased to meet these needs. 

Capital Budget
The 2011/12 Capital Budget and 4-year forecast was also presented. The proposed budget for this year totals $332,000 and is funding through the current tax rate without adding new debt to the village. Proposed capital projects for this year include:

• Lift Station Repairs - $20,000 – general upgrades and major repairs at lift stations
• Collection System Repairs - $25,000 – repairs and upgrades to village sewer pipes
• STP Generator - $42,000 - purchase of emergency backup generator at treatment plant
• Clarifier Repairs - $30,000 – replacement of components and hardware on clarifier that have reached their useful lifespan
• Balser Drive Sidewalk – Phase I - $60,000 – amounts for planning, surveying and design work
• Sidewalk Repairs and Upgrades - $75,000 – rehab sections of existing sidewalks
• Crosswalk – Main Street & Park Road - $40,000 – installation of controlled crosswalk
• Parking Improvements at VIC - $40,000 – project that will improve parking, access and trail at the VIC

If you have any questions regarding the budget, please contact the village office at or at 765-2800.


Economic and Budget Update - March 10, 2011

Budget Presentation - April 14, 2011

Budget Presentation - April 28, 2011

Budget Presentation - May 12, 2011


Approved 2011/12 Operating and Capital Budget

Budget Schedule

March 10, 2011 - Presentation - Economic and Budget Forecast

April 14, 2011 - Village Commission Meeting @ 7:00pm
• Budget released to Commission and public
• Budget presentation
• Budget distributed to stakeholders

April 28, 2011 - Budget Meeting @ 7:00pm
• Public input
• Budget deliberations

May 12, 2011 - Village Commission Meeting @ 7:00pm
• Budget deliberations
• Budget approval


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